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MERCY TO THE MAX, is, at present, owned, published and edited by Father George David Byers, the webmaster here and a long time friend of Pornchai Maximilian Moontri. Copyrights on articles by Pornchai belong to him. Copyrights on articles and books written by others belong to them. We thank them for allowing their works to be gathered here.

As time goes on, more articles by and about Pornchai will be added in posts and pages on the menu at the top of the blog. Here you will also be able to follow some of the progress of the epic journey from the hell of most of his life until his present encounter with the Divine Mercy.

This site is only being established at this time. Soon, there will be FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts by which you will be able to follow and spread the word about one of the great heroes of our time, a hero because of his continued perseverance in goodness and kindness of the Divine Mercy in the most adverse of circumstances.

* The hand-carved, hand-roped and sailed model ships highlighted in the slideshow above were all created by Pornchai, just as example of one of his many talents with which to distract you as you get to know him, as you are inspired by him.


From Father Gordon MacRae [About] of These Stone Walls:

As this effort gets underway, we want to introduce you to Mercy to the Max, a new site that collects in one place the many writings of some well known and less known Catholic writers who have taken up pen to bring you this remarkable story. They include the journalist, Felix Carroll, now Executive Editor of Marian Helpermagazine, Ryan MacDonald, a columnist with Spero News, several posts from These Stone Walls, and other writers whose names you will recognize.

Our friends who created the new site will be adding to it over time until the entire story is told. This is where we need your help. As we launch Mercy to the Max [ ], it is important to create links to it on the sidebars of your websites and blogs, your FaceBook and Linked-in pages, etc., and then click on those links! These “authorities” coming from authentic sources kickstart internet search indexers to pay attention to Mercy to the Max. This is critically important to the effort now underway.

There is really an incredible and inspiring story behind all this, and it will be told in due time in its entirety on These Stone Walls. In the meantime, please take some time to review Mercy to the Max, and to share a link wherever you can, clicking on those links to make sure they work! Let’s make this a team effort. And please do spend some time there, getting ready for updates, etc., by bookmarking the site and using the sharing buttons.

UPDATE from Father Gordon J. MacRae:

I cannot express in words how grateful I am for this site. To demonstrate the tremendous transfiguration of Pornchai, I would like to ask readers to do a very simple thing. Go to and do a search – Pornchai Moontri – no quotes necessary. Just peruse the first couple of pages of results for an example of some of the marvelous things being written about this Divine Mercy conversion. The reason I suggest using is that Google is currently under law suits for anti-trust violations for allegations of favoring sites that carry its content and penalizing sites that do not when publishing search engine results. Mercy to the Max seems to be one of the sites Google penalizes. Go to google and do a search and compare the results (just hit the link): – Pornchai Moontri – . The search results at appear to be a far more honest analysis. Thank you and God bless you for sharing a link to this site with others. I consider it an important Corporal Work of Mercy.

With blessings,
Father Gordon MacRae


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